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Specification of List of PVC Pipe Distributor

Need pvc pipe fit your pocket? mem buy the right solution at the center of the PVC pipe distributors in Jakarta that the price is super cheap and can dpat discounts as well. Is there a price difference to be used alone or in selling again as for businesses that can kantakan suppplier or agent yes. For more details could ask directly to our marketing department.

  Pvc Pipe sell SNI pralon, Vinilon, Vavin along pvc fittings are in use partially connecting pipe.

Pipe PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is more murah.Selain for clean water PVC is also used to drain the toilet, waste water pipes and guttering hujan.Diameter started 1/2 inch to 6 inches or 16 mm to 150 mm and is sold in units of four meters perbatang.Pipa made of this fiber is lightweight and flexible so it easily installed or repaired, if there are damaged or leaking pretty cut and spliced ​​damaged parts kembali.Pipa does not rust and is quite strong, able to withstand water pressure up to two bar or 10kg / cm2 PVC pipe weaknesses can only be used for dingin.Pemasangan channel also takes a lot of connections and still vulnerable to leaking. Because of the weakness of the PVC pipe that can only be used for the installation of cold water and also need a lot of connections and leak prone pipe manufacturers launch products later uPVC pipes (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) .There are several brands of PVC and uPVC pipes in the market such as pralon, Wavin, Rucika, Vinilon, Maspion, Denya and others

 Pipe uPVC pipes uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) is stronger and more resistant to tekanan.pipa uPVC is able to withstand the pressure of five times the durability of PVC pipes with up to 50 tahun.atau twice PVC.Meskipun pipe thus remains uPVC pipes are not recommended for the channel panas.Pipa water still need a lot of sambungan.Bahkan, reputedly the use of uPVC pipes in developed countries has been banned, as judged containing lead (a substance mixture of chloride and stabilizer) PEX Pipe PVC and uPVC addition there is a new pipe that claimed not to contain hazardous substances, more powerful and can be used both for hot and cold water, the pipes made of polyethylene or PEX (cross linked polyethylene) as Westpex and Rifeng, as well as pipe HDPE (high density polyethylene) of Pralon.Pipa PEX pipe is a kind of edge to replacing PVC and uPVC pipes, iron, and polyethylene tembaga.Pipa more robust, hygienic and aman.Ketahanannya ranging from minus 40 degrees to 110 degrees Celsius with similar age uPVC.Harganya pipe is cheaper than pipeline tembaga.Bentuknya form of rolls (can be rolled up) like a water hose, instead of bars such as PVC and uPVC pipes, weighing about 11 kg / 100m.Karena the pipes easy to carry, stored and dipasang.Pemasangan does not require a connection when installed banked, dilekukkan enough pipe so that the pipe leaks can distinguish colors diminimalisir.Wespex white for the application of cold water and red for hot water applications.

 There are other types of pipe stronger, does not rust, non-toxic and resistant to high pressure, which is like a cement pipe and pipe Dusaspun Claytan.Pipa ceramics such as cement is cheaper than cement pipe keramik.pipa still exist pores, can corrosion and still absorb air.Pipa new cement and ceramics marketed for infrastructure projects and not yet available to the household. Examples of applications of cold water pipes and hot water in the household

 Comparison types of pipes: PVC can only be used for cold water installations, more flexible than steel pipe, but not as strong as iron to withstand the pressure and still vulnerable bocor.Harga much cheaper than iron and copper. uPVC can only be used for the installation of cold water, is more flexible than steel pipe, much stronger than the pipe connection PVC.Pemasangan need and still vulnerable bocor.Harga more expensive than PVC but much cheaper than the iron pipe. PEX (polyethylene) Can be used for hot and cold water installations, more resistant, strong, elastic and more hygienic because it contains no practical berbahaya.Pemasangan, do not need a connection and not easily bocor.Harga more expensive than PVC and uPVC pipes but cheaper rather than iron and copper pipes

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