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Standard Wavin PVC pipe and PVC pipe Rucika

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Pvc Pipe

Specification of Standard Wavin PVC pipe and PVC pipe Rucika

We are one of the distributors of PVC pipe Wavin Jakarta
We are ready to serve sales of PVC pipe Wavin is party to all corners of the archipelago.
Standard Wavin PVC pipe made of uPVC (unplastized Polyvinyl Chloride) is a lot of advantages compared to other polymer materials, such as: corrosion resistant, strong, lightweight, easy connection and maintenance.

Advantages and Benefits:

International Quality
Under the supervision / license Wavin, BV. Holland
Strong and Not Fragile
Containing resins and additives uPVC
Using Special Additives
Can reduce the influence of UV (Ultra Violet) to the pipe in the long term.
Resistant to extreme chemical
Can be used for various types of water systems and wastewater
Made from uPVC which is thermoplastic so that it can be recycled
Has a Variety Various Fittings / Connection
Ensure the installation installed in one system
Unable to rust and maintenance-free
Isolator including Good and Not-Potential Fire
Can be used for sheathing electrical cables
Wavin STANDARD produced for a variety of needs such as:

Clean water
Irrigation canal
Ventilation pipes
STANDARD Wavin can be classified into two groups:

AW class, for high pressure water to the working pressure of 10kg / cm2 with 14 of diameter sizes from 1/2 inch to 12 inch.
Class D, for sewer and waste by 11 of diameter sizes from 1 1/4 inch to 12 inch.

To facilitate the introduction of better preparation by the group will be very helpful.
The maximum height of the preparation is 1.5 meters.
The maximum width of the preparation is 3 meters.
As a supporting foundation awarded the runway with an average height of 75 mm with a distance between buffer of 1.5 meters.
As side support for grouping and prevent shifting pipe, then made a strong buffer with high + 2 meter by 1.5 meter distance between the buffer.
Ultra-violet radiation directly in the long term it will slowly affect the strength (impact strength) of the material, thereby reducing the life time of uPVC pipes, the pipes need to be protected from direct ultra-violet radiation
To protect the pipe socket pipe preparation is usually done by giving the bulkhead between the pipe and the preparation of the system perform back to back or crossing

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