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Cable Gland Standar BS 6121 Size 20 mm

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21 Sep 2021
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Cable Gland

Specification of Cable Gland Standar BS 6121 Size 20 mm

List of cable glands prices Jakarta. Our distributor / authorized agent who sells a variety of electrical cable (cable gland). We serve and provide solutions for our customers, for electrical applications, especially for cable gland.

Technical Details
Size: 20mm to 90mm S & L
Standard: BS 6121
IP Rating: IP 66 & 68
Application: Outdoor or Indoor for use with All Type of unarmoured Cable
Function: A2 type Glands provide a single pull resistand seal on the outer sheath of unarmoured cable
Options Threads: METRIC
Finish: Natural Brass Finish, Nickel Finish
Operating Temp. : Standard seals -20degC to + 80degC

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