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Welding Pipe Hdpe
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Specification of Welding Pipe Hdpe

Sell Welding Hdpe if bought right here? yes true because we as a central distributor pipe welding machine hdpe hdpe and the price is cheap. >> Welding Pipe Hdpe

Splicing way Hdpe Pipe Can Use 3 Ways, Start Mechanical Joint / drat, Electro Fussion And Butt Fussion / Heating Element. Cv.Aneka Jaya Utama Providing Welding Pipe Hdpe Start Size 50mm - 1200mm. Where Hdpe Pipe Welding Machine This Is One Way Hdpe Pipe Splicing Effective And Efficient Due to the presence Without Sock / Joint Compression fittings. Work Systems Welding Pipe Hdpe Is Using Heating Element, so the results of Connection Being Compounds With Level adhesiveness Fit Such Hdpe Pipe Materials. Welding Hdpe Divided In Some

Type Type Manual: - SHDS 160/50 (4 Clamps) - SHDS 160/50 (2 Clamps) - SHDS 200/90 (4 Clamps) - SHDS 200/63 (2 clamps) and Type Hydraulics: - Shd 160/63 - shd 250/90 - 315/90 Shd - Shd 450/200 - 500/250 Shd - Shd 630/315 - 800/450 Shd - Shd 1000/630 - 1200/630 Shd

Provides Various Machines Hdpe / Welding Pipe Hdpe From Size 50mm (1 1/2 ") Up To Size 630mm (24"). Machine Hdpe There are two type Namely SHDS type (Machine Hdpe Type "Manual") and Shd (Machine Hdpe Type Hydraulic System), Machine Hdpe Brand "Wuxi Shengda" (Made in China) Special Designed To Facilitate The User In Nor Hdpe Pipe Connecting Pipe Ppr / Hot & Cold Water Pipes In The size of 160mm (6 "). Get Immediate Special Price Offer From Pt. Aneka Jaya Utama, We Ready to Become a Partner / Supplier Best For You At All Indonesia.

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