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22 Jan 2021
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PPR Pipe

Specification of PPR Pipe Welding Machine

 Menyedikan welding machine / PPR pipe heater with a size of 1/2 "~ 2" and 2 "~ 4" at bargain prices

Device connecting / Fitting PPR pipe / ppr welding machine

Ready to send in the whole of Indonesia.

PIPE PPR, commonly known as a solution to the installation of cold or hot water line pressure up to 20 bar. In the case of pipeline installation of this kind is known to have at least three variants of splicing methods, and generally this is done based on the size of the diameter of the pipe being used.

Basically there are three types of tools commonly used for the connection process PIPE PPR. Among Polyfusion machine, welding machine and system elektrofusion. Although the process is done all three are different from one another, but the outline of the third process is the same, namely melt some parts of the tip of the pipe or fitting, then spliced ​​(with compounding) in order to get optimum connection quality.

Although equal, but in practice, the third this way can not be used to complement one another. Because all three have funsi that will work in accordance with the size of the diameter of the pipe used. For more details, following the third explanation of the PPR PIPE grafting techniques:

Techniques Polyfusion

This technique usually uses a simple heating devices, which are usually sold with hardcase image A4-sized book. Due to its compact shape, the tool is easy to carry anywhere and is suitable for installation areas with small space. Because the heating plate which is small anyway, this tool is used for splicing process PIPE PPR small diameter, which is the size of 20mm up to 63mm or ½ "to 2".

In Polyfusion package, usually we will be given some of the equipment associated with the connection process. Among them, Polyfusion Mechine (Heating Plate), matrices, Buffer Polyfusion and book panduang.

Matrices are heating adapter that functions heat the inside or outside of the pipe with a pipe connection or at the same time. The second knob is put together with bolts, connected to the heating plate, or Polyfusion. This package is usually sold in the market at a price of between Rp 3 - Rp5 million.

Techniques Welding Machine

For those of you who are already familiar with grafting procedures PIPA HDPE, tekni basically has a similar process. And in PIPE PPR, the process is also usually done by machine Welding Machine hydrolist manual or equal to the level of the temperature reached 260 ° C.

PPR PIPE installation procedure in this manner usually by using a device equipped with a clamp fitting two sides. This section functions keep the pipeline so as not to shift position (after heating) when connected.

Such as splicing system Polyfusion, this technique using a plate heater, and dukungna Metrice. Application, after the pipe or fitting respectively in Klam, heating plate placed in the middle. Which then clamp the two sections can dimaju backing after the heating process is enough.

In mechine welding package, usually supplied pipe clamp tool that can dimaju manually backing. In addition, also available heating plate and metrice, whose function heats up the inside and outside of the pipe or fitting.

Market, welding mechine usually sold at varying prices, ranging rai Rp30juta price, depending on the size of the diameter of the pipe clamps are used to dimension the diameter of the pipe.

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