Frequent Causes of Death AC Compressors
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16 Jun 2021
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Specification of Frequent Causes of Death AC Compressors

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yet when it came time to service air-conditioning, fire conditions are not cool the room at all one AC unit causes three dead, as a result of the employees be no concentration in the work because it was busy wiping the sweat and fans to remove heat.

Once in the check condition AC which covers indoor and outdoor air conditioning turns the air conditioning compressor overload due to very dirty condenser once and it almost tertup grating by the dust so that the heat from the compressor can not be wasted. Flow compressor becomes higher than the normal size. eg AC 1 PK standard size 4 amps to 7-8 amp.

If damage is found symptoms like AC which is not used in the verdict of the air conditioning compressor is damaged but try to do things the easy first:

1. Disconnect the AC power and open the outdoor cover

2. Cool the compressor with a damp cloth

3. Clean Evaporator with pressurized water

4. Replace capacitor AC compressor according to the size of his.

5. Replace the AC power and turn on the AC

The check result by checking whether the amperage and freon pressure is back to normal as before, if the outdoor ac AC can live longer means you are saved from fatal damage due to faulty compressor due to overload (overload), if it happens often this kind of damage which is caused the lack of air conditioning maintenance then over time the compressor would be quickly damaged. So get used to perform maintenance AC at least 3-4 months.


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