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HDPE pipe PE Qualified
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Sell HDPE pipe PE Qualified

Specification of HDPE pipe PE Qualified

We as a supplier of piping Hdpe Jakarta Indonesia provides a pipe hdpe cost and quality herbs are designed for the distribution of drinking water, agriculture, plantation, mining and other applications outside of the pipe, we serve purchases across Indonesia, we are ready to serve wherever you are, hdpe pipe itself has a size ranging from 20mm (1/2 inc) up to the size of 630mm (24 inc) with a thickness of hDPE beragam.pipa itself is packaged in a roll / rod

We provide brands Wavin and Supralon

The advantages of HDPE pipe are:
+-Quality international
+ Flexible
+ Resistant to cracking
+ Resistant to chemicals
+ Light
+ Rustproof
+ Resistant to low temperatures
+ Variatif in connection method
+ Resistant to weather Segal
+ Hold abrasion and Sedimentation
+ Usage long jagka

We also provide a complete HDPE fittings accessories:
- Accessories Joint Fitting Compressiont
- Accessories Fitting Injection
- Accessories Fitting Segmented

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