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HDPE pipe Wavin Black
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Specification of HDPE pipe Wavin Black

For the price wavin HDPE pipe with pipe prices in Surabaya especially good hdpe wavin, vinilon etc would be different prices ranging from shipping and retrieval of both parties or to one. HDPE pipe Wavin Black thermoplastic material is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which has a degree of adhesion (Rapid Crack Propagation) is low and is a good insulator so it has a life time of more than 50 years. This system is designed for the distribution of water, as well as the needs of the mining industry, farming, agriculture with Quality Standard ISO 4277 - 1996: Polyethylene (PE) Pipes for Water Supply, SNI 06 - 4829-2005:

Polyethylene pipes for drinking water. HDPE Pipe System grafting is to use heat fusion using a heating device (Welding Machine). By connecting this system, the result of grafting becomes fused so as to guarantee its power (the same as the strength of the pipe), anti-leakage and maintenance free.

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