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Specification of PVC pipe Rucika

Rucika uPVC pipe price is very affordable and very attractive. Sell / Agent / Distributor Pipe Offers Rucika Pvc, Pvc Pipe Wavin, Rucika AW, Rucika Type D, Wavin

Rucika PVC is PVC pipe with a special design standard JIS C-6741 / C-6742 standard for clean water applications. These pipes are gray, very thick compared to ordinary PVC pipe and can withstand pressures of up to a maximum of 10 kg / cm2. Fittings of the pipeline is complete, neat and strong. Rucika PVC pipe is the best choice for your water supply needs.

Rucika JIS Standard was developed to meet the needs of the installation of water pipes in homes and buildings dating back more than 30 years ago. Pipes and connection Rucika Standard JIS Japanese Industrial Standard manufactured in accordance.

Pipes and joints using glue connection system, very helpful in terms of installation, making it an economical, easy and quick. It is used in plumbing installations for water, sewage, drainage and pipe udara.Rucika JIS Standard has a complete ladder pipe diameter and choice of connections / fittings are very complete with more than 250 items of products.

Excellence & Benefits

Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)
The production process with quality materials, making Wavin Rucika able through standardized tests Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). Which means that this product has a high quality standard.

Able to Reduce UV rays
Usage in the sun is no longer a problem because Wavin Rucika perfectly capable of reducing the influence of UV (Ultra Violet).

Hold In All Conditions
Wavin Rucika manufactured with a special material, so that they can survive in acidic or alkaline conditions.

Multi Function
Produced in two variants, Rucika can be used as a pressurized pipeline. application can be used for water supply and discharge.
Environmentally Friendly
UPVC raw materials in producing Rucika, making this pipe one, among several pipes that can be produced back (Recycling).

There Fitting Variants Various Sizes
With the same material (uPVC), not just a pipe, Wavin also produce variants of fitting accessories various purposes and sizes.

Low level Keretakkan
Additive materials used to manufacture pipe making pipe products have a very low rate of fractures.

UPVC raw materials, making the pipe is relatively easy in terms of care, and that certainly will not be corroded pipes.

Good insulator
Materials that do not cause a fire (a good insulator), making the pipe can be used for wrapping the cable channel.


JIS K 6741-1999: unplasticized Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC-U) Pipes
JIS K 6742-1999: unplasticized Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC-U) Pipes for Water Works
JIS K 6743-1999: unplasticized Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC-U) Pipes Fittings for Water Works
JIS K 6739-1999: unplasticized Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC-U) Pipes Fittings for Drain


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