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Standard PVC pipes AW and D

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Pvc Pipe

Specification of Standard PVC pipes AW and D

Places distributor pvc pipe Jakarta, Tangerang, Sell Various brands PVC Pipe Standard AW and D, type and size: pvc pipe brand Wavin, Rucika, Vinilon, S Intilon, Unilon, pralon, Maspion, Swallow, CM Taiwan, Lasting, SLG, Aqualon, trillion


SNI (Indonesian National Standard), PVC pipes pralon offer various kinds of high quality pipes. For SNI uPVC Pipes are 2 types of pipe that Bell End and TS End besides there are also Jis type pipe Pvc Aw / D.
Excess Pipe Pipes Pvc Jis Aw / D:

     Jis international quality standards.
     Strong, flexible, not easily broken, nonporous, and does not leak.
     Can be used for a wide variety of clean sir systems, waste water, sewage, irrigation, ventilation pipes, pipe jet pump, and fit in with all types of pumps.
     Installation is easy and fast as well as durable.
     Extreme chemical resistance.
     Good insulator so it can not cause a fire.
     Does not rust and maintenance-free.
     Made of pure pvc.

SELL: cheap PVC pipe (TM), Pipe Fittings Standard ISO Along with his ":

infiltration pipes ready for the stadium, bio pore, sports facilities etc.

Class: AW, D & C
Standard Size:

1/2 ": 22mm
3/4 ": 26mm
1 ": 32mm
1-1 / 4 ": 42mm
1-1 / 2 ": 48mm
2 ": 60mm
2-1 / 2 ": 76mm
3 ": 89mm
4 ": 114mm
5 ": 140mm
6 ": 165mm
8 ": 216mm
10 ': 267mm
12 ': 318mm

Accessories Pipe:
- Union socket / Water mour
- Socket / sok
- Elbow 90 deg
- Elbow 45 deg
- Reducer Sock
- Reducer Elbow
- Reducer tee
- Flange
- Cap
- Dop
- Y.Branch
- Clean Out / CO
- P.Trap
- Drat Sok Affairs
- Sok drat In
- Elbow drat Affairs
- Elbow drat in
- Glue Tube Isarplast / True glue / Tangit


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