The air conditioning compressor function

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What do you know about the compressors in AC (Air Conditioner)?

The compressor is a mechanical device that served to suck the refrigerant vapor from the evaporator. Then pressed compress) and thus the temperature and vapor pressure becomes higher. Compressor task is to maintain the pressure difference in the system. Compressor or pump suction press serves the entire refrigerant to the cooling system. The system works by changing the pressure to move from high pressure side to the lower side berekanan. The higher the temperature the greater the pumped energy released by the compressor.

Suction valve

These valves incorporate a refrigerant gas into the cylinder or piston chamber. Compressor suction power and capabilities depend on the velocity and kecapatan air from all parts associated with this valve. These valves are usually made of special steel (compressor valve steel).

Discard valve

Exhaust valve duty to dispose of the gases out of the cylinder or piston chambers. The exhaust valves are usually made of materials similar to the suction valves

Valve Service

This valve berguan to test and repair the cooling system compressor

Bak Shelter (Reservoir)

Lubrication oil reservoir is needed for all bagina-section. Normally tub crank (crank case) is used as a bath oil pemapung, except on large compressors that have a special lubrication system.

The following types of compressors and explains the explanation:

1. Compressor commute

Alternating compressor is a type that is widely used. These compressors may be single or double cylinder. Named compressor back and forth, because the motion toraknya back and forth in the cylinder. The length of the piston movement called step (stoke) or long steps. The length of this step is usually equal to the diameter of the cylinder.

Compressor capacity depends on the following factors: the number of cylinders, stride length, number of rounds per minute and others. The motion of the piston back and forth is obtained from the crankshaft which receives motion from the electric motor.

For how it works, refrigerant traveling from and into the compressor is regulated by the valve exhaust (discharge) and a suction valve (suction). Pebuang refrigerant out through the valve and enter through the suction valve. If the piston moves away from the valve, then this step is called suction-stroke and the pressure will be reduced. Therefore, the pressure in the compressor is lower than the pressure of the suction channel, the refrigerant vapor into the compressor.

If the piston moves closer to the valve, the pressure rise in the compressor so that the suction valve is closed. While the exhaust valve open causing the refrigerant vapor flowing kesaluran press (discharge line) outside. And so on.

2. Rotary Compressor

These compressors have the same task with bolakbalik compressor, which compress the gas to cause the difference in pressure on the system and menabah refrigerant flow from one section to another. Compaction process gas or vapor refrigerant made by bullets (roller). See figure 5. In this figure swivel ball rotates on an axis eccentric in a space that is parallel to the axis. This space is called the pump.

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