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01 Feb 2021
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Specification of Freon Refrigerant

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Properties - properties of refrigerant that must be met for cooling the engine needs is:

Evaporation pressure must be high enough.
Should have a temperature of refrigerant at a higher pressure, so as to avoid the possibility of a vacuum in the evaporator and the decline in volumetric efficiency due to increased compression ratio.

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Condensation pressure is not too high. If pengembunannya pressure is too low, then the compression ratio will be lower, so the performance is decreasing condenser can be avoided, but that with a lower working pressure, the machine can work more safely because of the possibility of leakage, damage, explosions and so become smaller.

Latent heat of vaporization to be higher.
Refrigerant has a high latent heat of vaporization is more advantageous due to the same refrigeration capacity, the amount of circulating refrigerant becomes smaller.

Specific volume (especially in the gas phase) are quite small.
Latent heat of vaporization of refrigerant with a large and a small gas specific volume (density greater) will enable the use of the compressor with a volume smaller piston step. Thus for the same refrigeration capacity refrigeration unit size becomes smaller concerned. However, for a centrifugal water-cooling unit being little more desired specific refrigerant with a rather large volume. It is necessary to increase the amount of circulating gas, so as to prevent the decline in the efficiency of centrifugal compressors.

Achievement coefficient should be high.
In terms of thermodynamic characteristics of the refrigerant, coefficient of achievement is the most important parameter for determining operating costs.

High thermal conductivity.
Thermal conductivity is very important to determine heat transfer characteristics.

Low viscosity in the liquid phase or gas phase.
With the drop in refrigerant flow resistance in the pipe, the pressure loss will be reduced.

Dielektrika constants of refrigerants small, large electrical resistance, and does not cause corrosion on the electrical insulator material. The properties mentioned below is very important, especially for a refrigerant that will be used in the hermetic compressor.

Refrigerant should be stable and do not react with the materials used, so also do not cause corrosion.


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